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About Color

Date :2019-03-12 17:06

  Focus on Color

As the leader in its field, 3nh offers a range of training courses designed to help your organisation enjoy the business benefits of effective supply chain colour management - which include higher quality, greater efficiency and reduced waste.

Courses can be adapted to your specific needs, but typically comprise:

Introduction to colour 
  The importance of colour. 
  What is colour? 
  Visual assessment of colour. 
  Colour communication. 
  Electronic colour communication.

Quality control 
  Colour communication. 
  Colour measurement. 
  Colour difference. 
  Sample preparation and presentation. 
  Electronic colour communication. 
  Practical examples and measurement.

Computer match prediction 
  Making a database. 
  How to use match prediction. 
  Correction routines. 
  Expert matching. 
  Practical exercises.