Very good chromatic meter, chromatic meter used other brands, only reading, then guess what color make up to myself. It was completely different, in the small screen, will take the initiative to tell the user what color, too dark? Or partial white? Such a powerful chromatic meter a lot cheaper than the name brand of chromatic meter. Worth buying!

--Rebecka Filson--

Delivery speed is fast! That can be received by more than a day, NR110, this is very accurate, I have been with this before, just time is too long, the battery cant use, can only to buy a new one. High precision, the function is also useful, diameter is also what I need, useful, give a high praise! And the seller is very patient, very good? And finally see after what happened,, there is no problem now, the only know later.

--Nathanael Jaworski--

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