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CM-2500d/2600d color evaluation color matching

This is a digital spectrophotometer which can measure both SCI and SCE. Long-lived reliable; convenient maintaining design. Digital UV control.

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CM-2500d/2600d color evaluation color matching 

Brand: Konica Minolta

Made in Japan



- This is a digital spectrophotometer which can measure both SCI and SCE. 
- Long-lived, reliable; convenient maintaining design. 
- Digital UV control. 
- Multi-angle measurement and easy operation. 
- Accurate and sufficient colourscheme. 
- It can obtain the object angle correctly.

Product info

Optical system d/8 (diffusion,8°angle) SCI / SCE
Ball diameter ¢52mm
Optical elements Dual Silicon-photoelec diode array (40)
Spectrophotometry Plane Raster
Wave Length 360nm-740nm
Interval 10nm
Width 10nm
Reflectivity 0~175%, resolution:0.01%
Measuring Light 3 pulse lamps (CM2500:2 pulse lamps)
Measuring time 1.5 seconds (fluoresent:2 seconds)
Minimal interval SCI/SCE 3 seconds(fluoresent:4 seconds)
Measuring times  10sec interval,about 1000 times(with alkalescence battery)
Measure/illume aperture MAV: ¢8mm/ ¢11mm
Repeatability error Standard deviation within 0.1%
Measure 30 times with 10 second interval by white board measurement
Error Within Æ *ab0.2 ( MAV/SCI ),Measure the average value of 12 BCRC II boards
UV control Instant adjustement (no mechanical adjust) *UV400nm truncation filter( CM-2500d no UV control )
Measuring mode Mono-measure / Average-measure
Interface RS-232C
Visual angle 2°,10°
Illumination A,C,D50,D65,F2,F6,F7,F8,F10,F11,F12
Dispaly Chart, detailed data, PASS/FAL
Memory 700( SCI/SCE 1)
Permissible deviation Square / oval
Power supply Battery / standard adaptor
Power supply 69x96x193mm
Weight 670g (battery not included)
Operating condition 5°C~40°C, Humidity<=85%, No condensed water droplet. Device model:II Pollution: 2
Maintenance condition 0°C~45°C,Humidity<=85%, No condensed water droplet
Standard accessories White reviser,object frame¢8mm, object frame¢3mm ( besides CM-2500d ) ,RS232C cable,AC adaptor,4pcs dry batteries.
Optional accessories Disk, anti-dirt box, anti-dirt cover, color management software (CM-S9w SpectraMagic) and zero-regulator box.
Application Widely applied in plastic, paint, paper, textile and motor industries.

CCM software compatible.