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YP Color Matching System

YP Color Matching System

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YP Color Matching System

YP Color Matching System can support Xrite, 3nh colorimeter and it has the advantages of accurate color matching and attractive price.

For color matching spectrometer, it has the following functions:

Recipe prediction

Adjustment and color retouching

and analyzing color variation

Selecting the best pigment combination


For color management spectrometer, it has the following functions:

Color quality management

Analyzing color variation

Analysis and test of pigment

Analyzing and selecting alternative dyes


Features of Computer Color Matching System

Spectrometer color matching system:

Can predict color variation status in advance, select the best dye combination in accordance with curves to prevent blind dyeing and in different light sources to meet customer requirements.

Can assist workshop instructors to append color register.

Can overcome human psychological disorder to improve the accuracy of appending and establish color library to enhance the accuracy of the first cylinder color matching;

Can be compatible with various series of X-Rite spectrometers.


YP color matching system includes not only the functions of traditional spectrometer, but also the interactive color matching system (which is the most complete computer color matching system). In hardware, it has added YP color dictionary (three-dimensional color space) which containing 20000 colors and training material of color description methods. In software, its functions are doubled which not only make up for the deficiency of traditional spectrometer computer color matching system, but also speed up the training of color matching staff according to the combination of hardware and software.


Our system is the only newest computer color matching system which has broken through this bottleneck. Laboratory is the front line both internal and external which has a significant trend in the current highly competitive market. Proofing fast and grabbing orders fast. It is urgent to introduce laboratory automation equipment.


YP color matching system integrated operation professional system contains: traditional spectrometer color matching system; titration system of the newest interactive color matching system.