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DNP / 3nh Standard Color Viewer

DNP / 3nh Standard Color Viewer.

  • Numbers:G4F3C3DD68EEE0
  • Item:G4F3C3DD68EEE0
  • Brand:3nh
DNP / 3nh Standard color Viewer
Made in China
The DNP / 3nh Standard color Viewer is a light source which enables you to evaluateadjust videostill cameras. With its high-frequency Fluorescent lighting method, it handles images without flicker.

Light source: DNP Standard color Viewer lamp
(Four 10W dedicated fluorescent tubes are used)
Power supply: AC100V 50, 60Hz
Lighting method: High Frequency lighting method 20KHz
Color rendering: Over 90% rendering evaluation-point for each color
Color temperature: (Measured by Minolta CL-200)
Operating temperature: 10~40℃
Operating humidity: Below 80%(avoid dew)
Major diameter dimension: 375W×365H×165D m/m
Luminance plane dimension: 250W×190H m/m
Color chart dimension: 320W×290H m/m
Power consumption: 80W
Weight: 6.5kg/7.5kg
●The Luminance plane characteristics: according to the types of self-contained fluorescent lamp
Product Type Luminance Color Temperature Lamp Color Temperature Luminance Color matching shift Weight
CCV-31F Fixed FL10WW-DLB 3100K±300 Over 1300cd/m2 Within 10% 6.5kg
CCV-51F Fixed FL10D-EDL-56K 5100K±300 Over 1400cd/m2 Within 10% 6.5kg
CCV-31F/G Volume adjustable FL-10WW-DLB 3100K±300 Over 850~1300cd/m2 Within 10% 7.5kg
CCV-51F/G Volume adjustable FL10D-EDL-56K 5100K±300 Over 850~1400cd/m2 Within 10% 7.5kg
*The color temperature if Luminance. Color Temperature Conversion Type viewer ranges over 50k according to the change of the Luminance.
*The specification may change without notice
Operation Manual
【1】 Before using the product:
  Power supply AC 100V, 50/60Hz shared
Light source 10W DNP Standard color Viewer Lamp (4)
Power consumption 80W
【2】 Using the DNP Standard color Viewer
  (1) Plug the power cable of the product into AC100V
【Precautions】 Do not connect any power supply other than AC100V
If the other power supply connected by accident, the inverter inside will burned out
  (2) Turn on the power switch
  (3) Lamp lights: the lamp light will stabilised after 15 to 20 minutes at the room temperature(20℃)
  (4) If the lamp does not lit, call for Service Office for the confirmation as described on other documents.
  (5) To suspend snaking of the lamp, press power switch 3 to 4 times [as ON/OFF].
【3】 If the light does not lit
  Call for Service Office to confirm the following:
  (1) AC 100V supplied to the wall socket.
  (2) Plug the product into the wall socket.
  (3) Turn the power supply switch of the product ON
  Still the lamp does not lit: Consider the following:
  (1) Two of the viewer lamps lit simultaneously, one of the fuses of the inverters has blowouts.
  (2) Four of the viewer lamps does not light means that each of the fuses of the two inverters has blowouts.
【Precautions】 The above occurs if the applied power supply is not AC 100V.
Fuse bum out cause internal burnout of inverter. The burned inverter needs to replace.
【4】 How to replace the lampkeep it clean
  Place the Viewer on the flat table,plug out the power supply cable from the wall socket.
Remove the used device in the following order:
  (1) Unfasten the two of grub screws on the top frame.
  (2) To remove the top frame from the main unit; 
Holding 50 to 60 mm the grub screw of the top framepress it forward.
  (3) Remove the glass plateacrylic plate.
【Precaution】 Glass plate easily breaksmay hurt your handsfingers.
Handle the edge of the plate with care not to scratch.
  ◆Replacing the lamps:
  (1) When the lamps used over 2,000 hours or one year, it needs to replace.
  (2) Remove the Lamp Tubes: Hold the edge of the Lamp Tubes,turn it 90 degree.
  ◆Cleaning the device:
  (1) Impregnate alcohol to gauze then apply it onto the surface of the reflection plate / acrylic plate / glass surface to remove the dirt.
  (2) Clean the device once in six months to one year to keep quality of the Color TemperatureLuminance.
【5】 Other Precautions
  Handling the viewer needs the following precautions because it contains the parts using glass.
  (1) Do not add strong impact on the viewer
  (2) Do not put any heavy items on the surface of the viewer